Ameribot-720  Intelligent  Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to LG Roboking Square

Ameribot-720 Intelligent Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to LG Roboking Square

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Ameribot-720 Intelligent Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to LG Roboking Square

Powerful intelligent Ultra thin Ameribot-720 with 7.4cm high is top-class robotic vacuum cleaner for now, designed by US professional R&D team based in New York, built with good quality materials to guarantee the top quality of the product and longer lifespan. With square type designed, is perfect for edge cleaning to clean every corner without obstacles. This Ameribot 720 model robot with acceleration transducer and gyroscope can remember the walking routine, avoid repeat cleaning and adjust direction properly.

This intelligent robot vacuum cleaner works similarly to LG Roboking Square, effectively picks up dirt, debris, pet hair/human hair and dust from carpets, wooden floors, marble and tile floors.

Ameribot-720 Robotic Vacuum cleaner can be programmed to clean at a desired time in every day, some days of a week. A Full Go function is suitable for large house which one fully charged cannot clean all the rooms, the cleaner will continue to work again after 3-4 hours fully charge completed. The Ameribot-720 robot vacuum cleaner will not get stuck in corners, under chair, stand fan or fall down the stairs, when faced with obstacles or a surface edge it will simply turn around and continue its primary directive, which is to clean.

This Ameribot 720 robot is easier to enter location under desks, beds, furniture and does not bump into wall and furniture. Ameribot 720 has some unique advantages over other robotic cleaner, e.g: Wifi module (+ US$ 29), magnetic strip virtual wall, USB slot reserved for OS upgrade, up to 20m radio remote control.

Product Features

Ameribot 720 stands out from other similar robot vacuum cleaner

1. Touchless: Ultrasonic sensor, good for anti-collision 
2. Intelligent navigation:  Guided by Acceleration Transducer and Gyroscope with memory function

3. Multiple walking (Zigzag, S-mode, Rhombus, Edge following for better cleaning)
4. WIFI function available (+ US$29).

5. Virtual barrier: Patented non-battery operating virtual wall with magnetic strips.(save money) 
6. Lithium battery: 120mins working time, longer lifespan, safer and less decay
7. Docking & Timing: Automatic back to charging station for battery recharge and can set schedule for everyday or any days in a week.
8. Radio control or APP control: 2.4 GHz radio remote control with 20 meters distance or APP control with Wifi version

9.  Mopping while sweeping, Bigger mop better for hard floor cleaning.

10. Anti-stuck and anti-falling technology

11. Can select "normal" or "turbo" speed ( suction power is bigger when turbo mode is activated)

12. More efficiency: Two side brushes with high power fan motor

13. More artistic: Square shape and simple applish design

14. Auto-stop when it is abused by child

15. English Voice Guidance ( can be ON/OFF the voice)

14. CE/ROHS certified


Sweeping: 2 side brushes, 1 main brush
Working Time:2 hours
Mopping:1 mop
Charging Time:3-4 hours
Battery:2200mAh Lithium
Remote Control:2.4Ghz Radio Remote
Rating Power:24W
Virtual wall:Yes
Rating Voltage:14.4V
Touch Screen:3 inches LCD
Routine Memory:With Acceleration Transducer and Gyroscope

Mechanical Features:

Anti-collision:Ultrasonic Sensor
Noise level:<58DB (you can hardly hear it if it’s in another room)
Working Mode:Edge, Zagzig, S-mode, Rhombus
Huge Dustbin:600 ml
USB Slot:Reserved for OS/software Upgrade for improvement
Dimension (cm):32*32*7.4
Retail Box (cm):46.3*40.5*14
N.W. (KGS):3.5
G.W. (KGS):4.25

What's in the box:
1 X Ameribot-720 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Remote Control
1 x Charging Base
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Virtual Wall
1 x Main Brush
4 x Side Brush
2 x HEPA filter
1 x Cleaining brush

Colour: Gold

Local Warranty: 6 months on machine and 4 months on battery or

                        1 Year on machine and 6 months on battery (+ US$22)


Ameribot-720  Intelligent  Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to LG Roboking Square
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