A Breakthrough in Fiber Research that enhances Health and Beauty

In 1956, a high tech fiber called Teviron was invented by Teijin in Japan. The Teviron Fiber products offer four functions: warmth. comfort, health and safety.  The Nefful Teviron Health Series is known to produce negative ions that regulates the concentration of calcium ions in one's body, boosting immune systems and relieving pain safely.The products are healthy garments worn outside the body, and there is no need to worry about side effects. You can always be in a Negative Ions/anions environment as long as you use the products. Wearing Teviron clothings will be beneficial to your health. To date, we're pleased to announce our products have helped millions of people live more satisfying lives.
Teviron(100% imported from Japan) - the bedding, clothing, accessories and supporters line that have negative ion technology employed. There are other products which claim to produce negative ions but do not last long. Our products have very high anions density 30k-300k/cc, can last for 5-10 years, even a lifetime, if properly cleaned and taken care of. 

Ions are all around us. They’re electrically charged atoms, carrying either a positive or negative charge. Negative ions are required to sustain life. When human lacks access to negative ions, body chemistry is changed that lead to bouts of depression, physical fatigue and anxiety. Clifton Jolley, Ph. D., in his research report called The Power of Negative Ion Science, “It is the negative ions that bring us health benefits, creating a sustained “feel good factor” as they increase our capacity to use oxygen, raise levels of alertness, improve mood, lessen depression and increase concentration.” In the study,  conducted in a hospital in the UK, ionizers (machines that produce negative ions) “dramatically reduced the incidence of infections from [a] resistant hospital bug…in the ITU unit…”  From the same study, “High levels of negative ions are found at the beach, in the mountains, the country, pine forests, near waterfalls and many other places people enjoy – places people…go to be refreshed and renewed. The air in these places creates an effect on human biochemistry.” (Jolley)

Impartial studies conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed that a high concentration of negative ions cuts dust levels by as much as 50%. The same USDA study showed a 95% decrease in air-borne bacteria when negative ions were released into the air.

"Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy," says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.

Nefful’s extensive line of Teviron™ products employs negative ion technology to help wearers:

  • (1) Maintain overall good health
  • (2) Relieve aches and pains, even joint pain
  • (3) Regulate body temperature
  • (4) Improve focus and attention
  • (5) Help alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress and depression

Decades of research into the health benefits of negative ions have produced a list of beneficial results:

  • (1) Life-sustaining oxygen atoms are negatively ionized.
  • (2) People exposed to negative ions show brainwave patterns suggesting increased alertness and relaxation.
  • (3) Negative ions relax people in pain.
  • (4) Negative ions could destroy air-borne bacteria.
  • (5) Negatively charged ions make air more refreshing to breathe.

If you wear Teviron clothing, it supplies you with negative ions at all times for your health benefits that you never thought before. 

Teviron Product Guidance and Benefits:



Whole Set Collocation

Insommia, dreaminess, depression, asthma, high and low blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, ankylosing spondylitis, whole body ache, cervical lesiona,acidic body, osteoporosis, cerebral neurosis, blood cleanses, unusual dermatitis,high cholesterol, snake/veins skin, bad temper, pimples, pregnant disable,uterus/womb tumor, swelling, haemangioma, gout, a frequently occurring sclerosis disease, kidney stress, various chronic disease, rheumatism, ageing,wear it for healthy living.

Blanket (HS61,HS62) Bed Sheet(HS11, HS12)Eskimode Series (2100-2104)

This product has the strongest negatively charged ions, which provides the best protection for the entire body while sleeping. Good for insomnia, relief soreness and various chronic diseases. Added benefits will be experienced if wearing Eskimode underwear(clothes & pants).

Body Vest (1708)

Soreness and stiffness in shoulders, difficulty lifting arms, stomach discomfort, Gastric (Duodenal) ulcers, back pains, cold feeling during sleeping.

Children’s wear


Asthma, coughing, improves immunity, less likely to catch cold, kid bed-wetting, Wheeze.

Under Shirts

Soreness in lower back, back pain, stiffness in shoulders, stomach discomfort, Gastric (Duodenal) ulcers, cold limbs, cold during sleeping.


Insomnia, High/Low blood pressure, heart disease, Diabetes, Degenerate disease, Infertility, Cardiovascular disease, Stroke, Increase Energy level, Gull stones, Gout, Spinal infection, Whole body soreness, Cervical cancer/cervicits, Tumors, Excess body acidity, Osteoporoses, Vitalize brain nerve, purify blood, Eczema, Kidney Diseases, High Cholesterol, Varicose Vein Lupus Erythematosia, Psoriasis, Tinea, Acne, Lipoma, Myoma of uterus, chronic disease.

Lady’s underwear


Cervical Cancer/cervicits, Excess discharge, odor, small and frequent urination, urine leaking, Irregular Menstruation, Uterus tumors, scaring from cesarean section, varicose vein, constipation, reduces infection chance, Vanish pregnant markers, Eczema, Hemorrhoids, reduce bacterial infection, Itchy.

Lady’s Sanitary underwear

Designed for ladies during menstrual period. Help cramps, swelling, acne, adjust menstrual cycles (lady’s underwear is suggested for normal daily use).

Men’s underwear


Enlarged prostate, improve libido, constipation and frequent urination, Eczema.

Knit hats

Dizziness, headache, insomnia, hair re-growth, improved sleep quality, retard the growth of gray hair, and recover from stroke.

Face Mask

Flu, dry skin, rough skin, sinus problem, Spots, Acne, Massage facial skin, reduce pores.

Eye Mask

Watery eyes, Blurry vision, Eyestrain, dry eyes, weak vision, near sightedness, far sightedness, floaters.

Mouth Mask

Flu, Hay Fever, Cold, toothache, Allergy, dry lips, Sinus problem.

Neck Warmer

Sore throat, coughing, neck pain, headache, toothache, stiffness in neck, sinus infection, dry throat, lost voice, thyroid swelling.

Shoulder Supporters

Soreness and stiffness in shoulders, weakness in shoulders and arms, difficulty lifting arms.

Elbow Supporters

Pain and sores in elbows, numbness in hands, cold hands, superior heat insulation for sports, arthritis, protects elbows.


Sensitive Skin, Cold hands, sweaty palms, swelling of fingers, rough skin, hand inflammation.

Body Wrap

Improve digestion/immunity, prevent cold, superior heat insulation/retains heat, ulcers.

Wrist Bands

Sore wrist, wrist injury, muscle soreness

Knee Supporters

Arthritis, weak/sore knees, Rheumatoid arthritis, relieves pain due to kidney diseases.

Ankle Supporters

Foot pain/soreness, provides support during strenuous activity/excise, and protects reproductive organs.


Relieve back/neck pain and soreness, improve breast shapes if placed within the bras. Massage skin, reduce scars from cuts or burn. Relieve sore throat, headache, cold, coughing and allergies.

Teviron Casual Wear

Gracious and improve health


Cold feet, soreness/numbness, Athlete’s feet, reduce calluses, coarse skin, sweaty feet, massage acupuncture pressure points.


Prevent breast cancer, improve breast shape and reduce tumors in breasts.

Teviron Negative Ions provide us with a perfect safeguard for our health. According to Asian Medical Journal, the amount of negative ion in the air (Per 1cc of air):

1,000 to 2,000/cc -  good for your health.

5,000 to 50,000/cc -  able to strengthen our body's resistance and improve immunity.

100,000 to 500,000/cc - helps our body to self-heal (improve illness).

The largest organ in our body is our skin. We are only able to absorb 15% of negative ions through breathing. If we use our skin to absorb negative ions, the efficiency rises to 85%.

Therefore, our body can absorb 100% of negative ions if we wear TEVIRON garments.

We sell only the BEST and the UNIQUE that so far no competitions in the same industry.