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Are you working towards a better life for you and your family? Are you in control of your future? Are you getting the rewards for your hard work deserved?
Your life doesn't have to be a trade-off for making the money you need but having the flexibility of time to live your life to the fullest wellness. The Chen-Shan-Mei Success Team’ Sales and Marketing Plan puts you in control, allowing you the flexibility to work where and when you want, giving you time for family and friends as well as the opportunity to earn a good income. It adapts easily to your needs and ambitions, and grows with them, offering you all the personal support and assistance you require to become the Business Owner you want to be. But the most importantly, you are promoting health and helping others to reach for healthier life.
You are: Connected to establish the global business, Supported by great products from Japan and the team who will help you succeed ( Chen-Shan-Mei Success Team), and finally In Control of your life.

Business and Career Opportunity for everyone

After you read the company profile, you may realize that it's a well-established Japanese company and is in the process of expanding its overseas market more rapidly in recent years. In fact, This company is one of the largest direct selling companies in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore.  As I am from Singapore, I can tell you more about its excellent business performance and the popularity of its products have received over the years. Nefful introduced its products to Taiwan in 1989, and now has more than 549000 members in total, who themselves are business associates of the company, own the right to distribute the company's products for making money and they usually are the most loyal users of the company's products. 

Nefful has no competitors on the market, as they are the only company which makes extensive series of negative ion clothing and accessories in the world, and this gives the company and its business associates a great advantage to promote and sell its products.
Do you want to start a business on your own? Well, in most cases, first you need enough capital, then you source for the products to sell. You pay for the goods and you display them either in a store or online, and in order to draw the customers to you, you need to spend more time and money for advertisement. You work hard and you wait.

How about becoming an distributor of the Nefful company and start your own business right away ?
All you have to do is to send in an application and pay US$ 50 or S$ 70 for a distributor's kit and get your life-time membership. You will not be requested to purchase any volume of products in order to keep your membership, this is an evidence of their confidence in its own products.

What are the advantages of becoming its distributor ?
1. You own the right to distribute Nefful products right away. You start as a Consultant and you get a 20% discount on purchases of all products right away.
2. You promote and sell these unique high tech products manufactured by a highly accredited company from Japan. The products have been used by thousands of happy and satisfied witnesses in Japan, Taiwan, America, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore over the years, they are your best advertisement.
3. You get good team support. Our members work as a team to achieve ultimate success. We believe in service, by helping others we also gain success and rewarding life experiences. The company offers training sessions and seminars on a regular basis, through which you get the needed scientific information to market the products, and you share other member's successful experiences, which motivate you to go up to a higher level of achievement. Above all, your sponsors work as your friends and associates to help you establish your career.
4. There are many sales channels for you to work through. Besides using the wonderful products yourself, first you may want to share them with your family members and friends, you may introduce them to be sold in health and beauty related stores or clinics, you may have a home party to introduce the products to your community members, or you may sell them online. Use your own creative and resourceful power, you will find endless opportunities to build up your own career. If you like, we can set up eCommerce online store for you like as this Coolest Products website.
5. The Power of multi-level marketing is simply amazing and the multi-level compensation plan offers you lucrative income. Lifetime membership, no renewal required, immediate discount, no initial purchase, only promotion, no demotion, zero risk, global linkage, legacy for AGM, NET share 0.5% global sales, get limitless generation group volume bonus from positions lower than you. Please read the
Compensation Plan. ( Please read the Member's Booklet in the "Apply to become an Associate" section.)

I suppose most people know what multi-level marketing is. Here I want to give you a simple example. Suppose you get 10 down-lines, which a lot of people can easily achieve with these products. They are your first generation downlines, and you encourage each downline to get 10 downlines, then you will have 100 second generation downlines. Suppose each of your 2nd generation downlines also get 10 downlines , then you will have 1000 3rd generation downlines. These three generations consist the core of your organization, from which you can get most of your lucrative compensation and build up an endlessly expanding organization of you own, as long as you believe in the system and products and enthusiastically work for it. Here is another simple figure for your reference, above I mentioned you can build up your own organization of 1001 members (including yourself), suppose each member manages to sell 100 dollars' worth of products per month, then the total sales volume for your organization is $ 100,000 per month, and according to the compensation plan, you will get about $ 25,000 per month and up. ( This is a rough calculation just to give you a general idea, detailed calculation is more complicated and is based on the plan listed in the booklet.) I know many AGMs (Area General Manager)in Singapore,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia  are making this much and more money month after month. And even AMs(Area Manager) are making good enough money. With the money they have been earning, they are able to fulfill their life-time dreams and more.......
If they can achieve that much, you can achieve even more because the American, Singapore market is just beginning to develop and you can create a big opportunity for yourself.

6. The huge American Market is waiting for you to explore and gain. Taiwan has only a population of 23,000,000, over the past 16 years or so, more than 230,000 people have joined this company, most of them are active members continuing to use, promote, and sell the products. Many have made it their life-time careers.
A good number of them have moved to the higher levels and enjoy their earned wealth, health, friendship and satisfaction.
This tremendous opportunity was open to the Americans in 2002. It was the Taiwanese who have been most actively involved in the newly open American market. Maybe due to the language barrier, they introduced the products and business opportunities mostly to the Chinese in America at first. Because the humidity is much lower in America (Taiwan is a very humid country.) and this factor enables the Negative Ions clothing to produce more negative ions to give even more positive and evident effects for human body, and also maybe due to the more dynamic nature of the people in the USA, the products have been spreading like anything within the Chinese communities across America. After using the products, many also seized the tremendous business opportunity and have made great careers for themselves. Their successes were achieved much more faster than what people could in Taiwan. Many were promoted to the level of AGMs (Area General Manager) within a year or even a few months. In Taiwan, if you are promoted to be an AGM in 6 years, you are considered very successful. Taiwan has only four NETs ( Executive Top Leader ). They were among the very first group of people to join this company in Taiwan, and it took them 8 or 9 years before they were promoted to NETs. In Singapore, has four NETs in 3~7 years! They had joined Nefful in Malaysia before Singapore branch was opened in 2010. Of course, we have to understand, with a multi-level marketing company, as long as its products are excellent and the company is in good operation, you get the best opportunity when a new market is open.
America has over 230,000,000 people (which is 10 times more than that of Taiwan), and America has a higher living standard and higher spending power, the American market is tremendously much bigger than that of Taiwan. Up to now, the market in most non-Chinese community in America remains mostly undeveloped, but it's happening. If you want to grab this life-time opportunity, you have to act now and become a distributor. Just think about it, you may be one of the very few non-Chinese members in your state, and you have the greatest opportunity to build a very successful and rewarding career while helping others to ease their pains and sores in a natural and effective way.

7. International market expansion will be continuing. The Nefful company introduced its products to Taiwan in 1989, and it didn't open its business in other countries until its branch was established in Los Angeles in April, 2002, following the Hong Kong branch, Malaysia and Singapore branch. Future expansion has been planned, and the next four target countries are Indonesia, Australia, Canada and China. As the members can count their cross-country sales volume together, they are allowed to do business in many countries, and of course the market can be as big as you are willing to explore.

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