Cancer Free by Bill Henderson

Cancer Free by Bill Henderson

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Cancer Free by Bill Henderson

The book tells you how to work with the medical system anywhere in the world to save the life of those you care about. Learn the real CAUSES of cancer. Discover treatments that really work. Natural, non-toxic treatments with no side effects. They work to offset the side effects of conventional treatments, if you elect to use those treatments.

The entire book was rewritten and updated in November, 2011 to include the contents of Bill Henderson first 155 newsletters. Dr. Carlos M. Garcia, M.D. has agreed to be his co-author on this Edition. He has added content from his unique experience as a holistic physician healing lots of cancer patients.

At the end of the e-book file are what we call "Four BONUS booklets":

* Stop Your Aging With Diet

* Stop Your Aging With Exercise

* Beating Diabetes

* Cure Your Back Pain

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Cancer Free by Bill Henderson
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