Multi-Functional Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to Roomba

Multi-Functional Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to Roomba

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Multi-Functional Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to Roomba

Are you always busy with work and never seem to have time to vacuum you floors regularly? Are you allergic to dust mites floating in the air when you are sweeping the floors? Then we have a solution for you. Amtidy CP-M320 intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is a magic vacuum cleaner, playing the role as private nanny, no need to pay salary but “ eat” all the dirties, it will clean your floors and recharge its power automatically. This smart robot vacuum cleaner works exactly like Roomba, effectively picks up dirt, debris, pet hair/human hair and dust from carpets, wooden floors, marble and tile floors; going through under sofa and bed by itself, height must be 9cm above.

Other similar model with different front cover design( XR210) as broadcasted on CCTV10 News:

Robotic Vacuum cleaner can be programmed to clean at a desired time in every day, some days of a week. A Full Go function is suitable for large house which one fully charged cannot clean all the rooms, the cleaner will continue to work again after 3-5 hours fully charge completed. The cleaner will not get stuck in corners or fall down the stairs, when faced with obstacles or a surface edge it will simply turn around and continue its primary directive, which is to clean.

Can this robotic vacuum cleaner clean the entire room effectively? In fact, this cleaner has four special sensor heads which can maximize your room cleaning. When you turn on the cleaner, it will go one meter directly to detect if has obstacles nearby, if not, it will counterclockwise cleaning around centre circle. In other words, when you throw one stone into the river, water wave will spread around the center, so is cleaner. Sometimes cleaner touches chairs or articles, it will sweep particles by side brush around articles after monitoring, then go away that area with V route.

What is more, cleaner owns memory system which can remember room size and article position on cleaning process, it can automatically navigate and creates a best route to clean room after working some times. 

Model: CP-M320

Type: Ultra Fine Air Filter (Filter is washable) 

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless

Function: Dry

Color:  Red, Yellow, Champagne, White

Unit Size: D 32x8.7cm

Power (W): 24 -31W

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Output Voltage: 24V DC

Voltage of Battery (V):14.4

Application: Works on hardwood, tile and short-haired carpet


Charge Time: 3~5 Hours

Working Time: around 90 - 120 Minutes

Certification: CE,RoHS

Low Noise: Less than 55db (you can hardly hear it if it’s in another room)

Dust Capacity: 0.37L

Airflow: 100 dm3/m

Capacity of Battery: 2200 MA

Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~45℃ 

UV Disinfection: Available

Materials: ABS,PC,POM, PA6

Box Size: 48.6cm*41cm*14.8cm

Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland) 

Ship from: Hong Kong, China, or Singapore



1. Can be preset to work up to 7 days cleaning time scheduling or self-start after full recharging.

2. Computer navigation system, auto-plan cleaning and auto-charging without manual intervention.

3. It can pick up dirt, dust, pet/human hair and other debris that end up on the floor

4. Automatic Self-Recharging: the cleaner will automatically seek charging docking station when battery is going to run out.  

5. With stair avoidance sensors  

6. With Elastic Bumper to protect the surface of furniture and wall. 

7. With touch-sensitive sensor 

8. With Virtual Wall detector torestrict it to clean a specified area. 

9. With wireless remote controller to operate robot in different directions

10. With UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor 

11. Mopping pad at bottom to do mopping while vacuuming

12. Three different cleaning mode: along the wall, straight line, spiral

13. Easily slide out dust in the blind corner, such as behind of bed, desk.

14. Self-rescue system. 

15. Infrared sensor at bumper head to redirect the route before collision (1-2 cm)

16. Easy to take out spare parts and replace, removable and washable rubbish box.

17. With error code display function (the user can solve the problem easily)  

18. Self-adjusting cleaning head to traverse different floors.

19. The robot will search intelligent charging base for recharging by itself when the power is about to run out.

20. Its compact size enables it to reach and clean under bed, sofa and other hard-to-reach places. (Height must be 9cm above)

21. Wall-Following cleaning function, providing a fantastic cleaning efficiency to the foot of wall and obstacle.

22. Adjustable cleaning speed: slow & fast 

23. Automatic checking of the rubbish, so it can focus to clean the relatively dirty areas.



Virtual Wall Detector x1

Mop pad x2

Remote Controller x1

Adapter Charger x1

Extra Filter x1

Clean Brush x1

Trailing Bar x1

Extra Side Brush x1

Auto charging docking station x1

English Operating Manual x1

Warranty: 1 year on machine and 6 months on battery.  We will ship the spare parts to your location if it is faulty or we can replace it without extra charge within warranty period.

Multi-Functional Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Similar to Roomba
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